Terms & Conditions / EN

Please ensure you have read my terms and conditions before purchasing artwork, prints, and ordering a commission.


The existence of good reference photographs is very important for creating beautiful works that are timeless gifts.

• Please send the image file as large as possible, so that I can zoom in on the details.
• When you take a picture of your pet please focus on the eyes,  nose,  mouth,  and coat so that I can   see  the texture.
•Take a picture without a flash.Natural light will give a nice shine to the eyes.
•It works nicely as the photo is taken at eye level.
multiple photos.Multiple photos give the possibility to choose the most appropriate picture.
It may be difficult to prepare materials when the subject has already passed away, regardless of whether it is a person or a pet that you have a deep feeling about from the existing photographs.

Waiting List and Booking

For reserving a place on this list, please contact me using the contact form below or the official line.
One to three days after your booking I will contact you so we can talk about it.

After you’ve paid your deposit, I will need some photos of the subject you wish to have a portrait of, this could be a dog, a cat, a horse, a person, a bird, etc. 

If you want to combine different subjects in the same portrait you can send me individual photos and I will place them together in the portrait. You can provide me with the photos and descriptions necessary for the creation of the portrait. There are cases when customers have no clear hope, but we will make it concrete in the discussion, so please feel free to let me know. I would love to hear any ideas which you have for your portrait however creative they may be. During the creation of the
the original, I will be in touch sending weekly updates.


Commission pricing

Check my current price list for pet and people portrait commissions.
Portraits come mounted and unframed. The prices are based on portraits with no background.
Commissioning work is a very individual process and therefore I would discuss your requirements before starting your artwork.


How long does a portrait take

It depends on the size and the complexity. Small portraits can take 30 to 40 hours ( 2 to 4 weeks). Large portraits can take 80 to 100 hours or even more if they are really large and very complex. use a trucker and truck the time spent on my portrait that’s how i know how different is it from the other.

Can I remove or add things to the work?

For example, add /remove a collar or accessories…etc
Of course, just let me know when you order your portrait and send any relevant photos to help me with throwing these areas it will involve, but this will be discussed during the booking process.

What materials do I use?

Animals artwork

For surfaces, I like sandpaper like Pastelmat from Clairefontaine (100% cotton acid-free, 360gsm/ 170lb )in different tones (dark gray, light gray, maze).
For pencils, I use pastel soft and hard. Pastel pencils have a very limited range of colors so I need different brands for different tonalities. I also use pan pastels for my base layers.


People artwork

For surface, I like to use Hotpressed 100% cotton acid-free 300 gsm/140lb ARCHES watercolor paper, Strathmore BRISTOL 300 series 100% cotton acid-free 270gsm/100lb.
For pencils, I use graphite pencils UNI and Staedtler, combined with charcoal pencils Conté à Paris (soft and hard), and Derwent Tinted Charcoal.

Mixed media artwork

I use a large range of materials from watercolor pencils, colored pencils, pastels, pan pastels, charcoal, pastels …etc
For surface hotpressed 100% cotton acid-free papers.

What will you receive with the portrait?

Included with your portrait is a signed Certificate of Authenticity, an artwork aftercare guide and a thank you note from me.
The portrait is mounted with a 100% acid-free frame mount board so your portrait is ready to be framed, wrapped, and securely packaged in a safe box.

What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

A certificate of authenticity is proof of the artwork’s originality and that it is produced solely by that artist and cannot be reproduced.


I offer a bespoke framing service for finished portraits at my local professional framers who can help you choose the perfect frame to suit the portrait and emphasize all the details. If you like your portrait professionally framed please let me know.

Payment process

A 50% deposit is required once the booking is confirmed. Clients will be advised of the approximate waiting list at the time of ordering. Portraits will not be deemed as ordered until the deposit has been received . dispatched.The deposit is nonrefundable as you are booking a space in my calendar that could be used by someone else.I
accept payment via Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit card.Please note that prices are in Japanese Yen. 


Delivery & Shipping

After confirmation that you are happy with your portrait, I will proceed to ship it. The portrait is sent extremely well packaged and protected. I take great care and attention in my packaging process.
Portraits arrive beautifully wrapped and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, signed and dated both in the certificate and in the painting.
Delivery and shipping is an additional cost that will be invoiced after completion of the commission and is dependent on size, weight, and delivery location. Please note that international shipping may incur customs charges upon delivery into your country. 
All orders are packaged securely and sent through a tracked delivery service.

Loss/Damage in transit

Portraits are packaged extremely well however in the unlikely event that damage occurs during transit please send a photo of the damaged artwork immediately. The artwork must be returned to us and a new portrait will be drawn at no cost. I have never had such trouble in the past, but I am dealing with it in this way just in case.
You agree that proof of delivery supplied by the delivery courier is evidence that your portrait has been received.


The artist retains the full copyright of all artwork produced, including originals, mockups, and prints. When a portrait is requested, I reserve the right to display it in my website gallery and my social media pages. Clients who do not want to view the commissioned portrait online should notify me before starting work. All images on this website are the sole property of Nicole Art and are fully protected by appropriate international copyright law. Unauthorized use of the images on this website is not permitted and Nicole Art reserves the right to take full legal action if found to do so.

Privacy policy

Nicole Art is committed to protecting your privacy. Customer information is used only to fulfill orders and is not shared with third parties. The email address provided by the customer may be used by Nicole Art to notify you of special offers, updates, and artist news in the future and will not be shared with anyone.